Mexico and Latin America Resources

Allow us to be your host and commercial representative while your company introduces new technology to México and Latin America: there is a huge level of interest in all forms of renewable energy.

About Us 

DDM is a group of procurement agent experts found across the world in strategic locations and with highly competitive partners. 

Our Speciality

Our specialty is Urgent and Difficult items to source under the tightest constraints in quality, price and lead times for the oil, gas and energy sectors. 

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in never saying no to a challenge and helping our clients successfully obtain the most difficult of components and materials through a personalized customer relationship and in-depth attention to detail.

Our Speciality Items

  • Large diameter, unique construction Valves.
  • Seamless, large, coated difficulty pipeline.
  • Split T’s, Elbows, Fittings and other connectors that require special fabrication.
  • Top of the line Mass Flow Meter equipment.
  • HDD Drilling equipment for large diameter pipeline installations.
  • Pig Launching and Catching equipment, including Smart Pigs.
  • Utility Locating and Wirelining High-Tech solutions.
  • Valve reconstruction, maintenance and inspection.

Our Guarantee

  • World Class Quality, Inspection and Delivery Logistics in every purchase order.
  • Always a competitive quote that will allow your company to make the best decision.
  • World-Wide partnerships with leading transportation providers that will always offer the best lead times and urgency.
  • 24/7, 365 Personalized Customer Attention, call us at any time.
  • All quality, MTR, ISO, ANSI, API and other certifications required to meet the standards of your order.

Speciality Items

It has taken us over a decade to filter out only the most reliable, professional and competitive suppliers that the industry has to offer and this is why we guarantee world class quality and best price in every purchase order. If your project is struggling to source that Seamless Coated Pipeline, large diameter Valve, Coriolis Flow Meter, Pig Maintenance Equipment, Unique Metal Alloy, HDD Drilling Equipment, Custom-made Fitting or any other difficulty item; don’t hesitate to call us for a quote inquiry. Your priority is our mission and we will not stop until we find a portfolio of options for you.

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